Some of my favorite parts sources:

  • Matz Autoteile specializes in NOS Opel and DKW parts. They are among the best sources for genuine Opel parts. Their large stock is the result of having bought up Opel dealers' remaining parts inventories over MANY years. Not only do they have an amazing selection of parts, but their prices are also very reasonable. They are the first place an Opel dealer will call for an obsolete part.

    Matz Autoteile
    Zur Bleiche 51
    24941 Flensburg
    Phone +49 461 99012
    matz-autoteile [AT] t-online [DOT] de

  • Lutz Obere Opel Classic Parts. Lutz Obere is THE source for reproduction parts, especially rubber and plastic. If he does not have a repro, it is not available in decent quality.

    Opel Classic Parts
    Caumerboord 67
    6418 BM Heerlen
    Phone +31 45 5490 151
    info [AT] opel-classic-parts [DOT] com

  • Vintage Imports. Matt Moore is very active on Ebay. Look for seller ID europarts4auction. His inventory is much larger than what he has on Ebay, so ask him for specific parts.

    Vintage Imports
    Dayton, OH
    Phone +1 937 252 6412
    matt [AT] always-jaguar [DOT] com

  • For a long time no decent windshield gaskets were available for the Rekord P models. Klaus Reinheimer of OTR has finally filled the gap. New reproduction windshield rubber is available for EUR 99.

    Bad Arolsen
    Phone +49 5691 628503
    Fax +49 5691 628504
    OpelOtr [AT] aol [DOT] com

  • Brake parts are a problem on 1950s Opels. Wheel cylinders are now available as reproduction parts from Matz, but they are fairly expensive. If your cylinders are still rebuildable (and they usually are - use a grease gun for disassembly), you can source recent production seals from Helge Harenborg. Look for Ebay seller ID taratex.

    Helge Harenborg
    helge.harenborg [AT] ewetel [DOT] net

  • Another good source for brake parts is Kortner Oldtimer KFZ Ersatzteile und Bremsendienst. Prices are not as good as Helge Harenborg's but he has a large selection of new and NOS brake parts for all kinds of cars.

    Oldtimer KFZ Ersatzteile und Bremsendienst
    Mackenburger Str. 65
    33813 Oerlinghausen
    Phone +49 5202 88694
    Fax +49 5202 925745

If none of the above can supply a part you are looking for, feel free to contact me for additional suggestions. Who knows, I even may have it my own parts stash.

Do you have Opel parts that you want to sell? Please contact me - I am always looking for parts for my cars.